Pedometer is used to monitor the steps of human, dogs or anyother we wish to use.This shows how to make a pedometer that counts a person’s steps. It uses a Xadow – Edison 

Board, Xadow – OLED 0.96”, Xadow – 3-Axis Accelerometer and Xadow – Buzzer. The   OLED screen will display the step-counts.


  • Xadow-Expansion Board
  • Xadow-Programmer
  • Xadow-OLED 0.96″
  • Xadow-3-Axis Accelerometer
  • Xadow-Buzzer
  • USB cable
  • BatteryIMG_20160429_102354


STEP1: Software Installation:

In this case we are going to use arduino software to code intel edison.Refer this ( ).

STEP2: Xadow – Wearable kit:Xadow wearable kit has following boards which makes us to do more on intel edison.

Xadow – Edison 1
Xadow – 3 Axis Accelerometer 1
Xadow – Edison Programmer 1
Xadow – Barometer BMP 180 1
Xadow – Edison SD 1
Battery 1
Xadow – Q Touch Sensor 1
Digital RGB LED Flexi-Strip 1
Xadow – NFC 1
Power cable White 5
Xadow – Breakout 3
Power cable Red 5
Xadow – Buzzer 1
Power cable Yellow 5
Xadow – Vibration Motor 1
FFC cable package 1
Xadow – OLED 1
Color printed Tutorial 1


Pay attention to the unfilled corner, all the modules’ unfilled corner point to the same direction.
The Xadow modules’s double sides can connect two modules by FFC since that xadow can cascade its modules as long as posible like a watch or a necklace, so suitable for wearable prototying.
1.Inset Intel Edison onto Xadow-Edison through the rectangular connectors.

2.Connect the Edison-Programmer board with a FFC and plug two USB cables,the little switch on Edison-Programmer board should be turned to the Device side.


3.Connect Xadow modules with FFC

4.Check whether the Xadow – OLED is working or not by uploading a simple program into edison board.


5.After uploading program into it, unplug the USB cables and the programmer, plug the Li-Po battery so that the kit can be moveable.

Below file is the pedometer code.





Here is the video  of complete  project.



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